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Renewable Energy Legislative Leadership Awards

The RENEW Wisconsin Energy Fund is pleased to present Legislative Leadership Awards to State Senator Robert Cowles, Representative Mike Kuglitsch and Representative Adam Neylon who were the primary authors of two bills in the 2019-2020 legislative session designed to build Wisconsin’s renewable energy workforce and help jump start Wisconsin’s electric vehicle infrastructure:

Assembly Bill 237 / Senate Bill 218: Reimbursement grants to employers for payment of costs for worker certification programs in solar energy and wind energy systems.

Assembly Bill 233 / Senate Bill 236: Allocate $10 million from the Volkswagen Settlement Fund for electric vehicle charging facility grants.

These two bills were part of a package of market-based legislative proposals introduced on Earth Day 2019 by Assembly Republicans aimed at promoting clean air, water and land. While these bills made progress, they did not pass last session. All three legislators worked extremely hard to gain broad bipartisan support from legislators and stakeholder groups throughout Wisconsin. Their continued leadership will be critical in order to pass these and similar efforts in future legislative sessions.

Thank you for your outstanding leadership and support for Wisconsin’s clean energy future!!

Senator Robert Cowles, Senate District 2 (R-Green Bay) Chair of the Senate Committee on Natural Resources and Energy. Author of 2005 Act 141, which strengthened the Focus on Energy program and expanded Wisconsin’s Renewable Portfolio Standard. Member of the Speaker's Task Force on Water Quality. Participated in the 2020 RENEW Wisconsin Energy Summit Policy Panel.

Representative Mike Kuglitsch, Assembly District 84 (R-New Berlin) Chair of the Assembly Committee on Energy and Utilities, Member Governor’s Task Force on Climate Change. Participated in RENEW Wisconsin’s 2019 Energy Summit Policy Panel.

Representative Adam Neylon, Assembly District 98 (R-Pewaukee) Member of the Assembly Committee on Energy and Utilities. Co-Chair of the bipartisan Wisconsin Future Caucus and recently recognized nationally as one of the Millennial Action Project’s Rising Stars. Participated in RENEW Wisconsin’s 2020 Energy Summit Policy Panel.

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